Not only shoes of high quality, produced with 100 % raw vegan but also customizable materials.

Baiji vegan shoes, with Vegart line, thought of that, thanks to the collaboration with Stefania Persiani.

Stefania Persiani

stefania-persianiBorn in Atri, in the province of Teramo, on 28 February, 1985, she grew up in Italy and the Netherlands. She still lives in Abruzzo where she cultivates her love of animals and nature as well as her enormous passion for every form of artistic expression, from music to painting,  sculpture to street art.

Since graduating from the Pescara Art Institute, she has exhibited at collective shows in Rome and has continued to experiment artistically, especially with the reuse and recycling of materials.

In 2012, she discovered something that would radically change her view of the world: veganism.
Becoming vegan having already influenced her work, when she met  the brains behind Baiji Vegan Shoes, there was an immediate feeling of common understanding and  opportunity.

I’m thrilled to send a message of love to every living thing by means of something as widely used as a pair of shoes. More than that,  it’s an honour to know that the shoes I paint on are themselves a message of love and care for nature and all its inhabitants.

Baiji vegan shoes , anyone can make the difference!