Baiji vegan shoes comes from the need to put on the market a product that could narrate beautiful things and that could give evidence of it on your feet.

Baiji products don’t tell of being vegan, they are vegan! Baiji shoes are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also guarantee seriousness, reliability and safety in both technical/environmental and humanistic terms, because being vegan is not a marketing proposal but a way of life!

We use only certified and high quality products and furthermore we have the guarantee of the Vegan ok and Animal Free certificates… obviously we will not stop here.

Baiji team has carried out a project that is constantly changing, like our planet; besides being constantly searching for materials that could be more and more environmentally friendly, biodegradable and in full agreement with the vegan philosophy, we have chosen skillful Italian artisans to produce our shoes. Every day they struggle against foreign productions with lower and lower prices, due to labour exploitation and the circumvention of bureaucracy from an environmental and human point of view. This allows them to give no competitive hope to whom, instead, once used to be a source of pride for our country.

For the future we expect to replace the very good products we have today with excellent materials and this could only be accomplished by stimulating market that, unfortunately, nowadays is hostile to us because of the low demand; but together, you, with your choices, and we, with our experience, can make it…we can make a difference!


Baiji vegan shoes, wear life!