We’re two vegan women, Nunzia and Roberta, aged 32 and 33, who believe that anyone can make a difference in this life.

Starting from our love of nature (all of it) and animals (all of them), we began to dream of how wonderful it would be to do something that makes a real change in the world.

This project came about by chance, an idea thrown out there almost as a joke, knowing that we’d never really be able to do it… a dream of having a job that was totally in line with our life choice, that could not only support us financially but also spread the idea of veganism… then along came an uncle with his own company who could help us, who was willing to invest in the project, who believed in us, who listened and understood us, even though our veganism seemed so irrational and “sacrificial”, whereas in fact it’s a path to light, air and life!

So here we are, telling the story of how we set out on this path and what we’re doing.
It’s a hard path, full of large and small obstacles, which we’ve decided to face and overcome with determination and skill.

When a great opportunity comes along in your life, as it has in ours, you have to grasp it with both hands and give it your best.
Our passion is without doubt our driving force: it closes our ears when we are laughed at and our eyes when we are mocked, it keeps us calm in the face of ignorance  and gives us strength and a smile when we have to keep pushing through.

Although we’d prefer to only speak about the positive side of things, it’s important to talk about how the rapidly expanding vegan market is highly resistant to change.

The struggle continues every day, with every telephone call, every search for materials and for suppliers who match our expectations, who respect us and who, above all, offer us a transparent and trustworthy product.
It’s hard, but we’re not demoralised: we’re certain that as  demand increases, increasing numbers of ethical solutions will become available.