We have chosen the Baiji dolphin as the symbol of our business ethics.

The Baiji is a freshwater dolphin which has been populating this river for 20 million years but, over the last 30 years, because of habitat changes due to pollution from factories, heavy traffic on the river, illegal fishing with trawls and explosives and above all the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, has been condemned to extinction.

The Baiji is an elegant dolphin characterized by an elongated and slightly upturned snout and a low and triangular dorsal fin. Its hearing is well-developed and allows it to perceive a wider range of sounds than humans: it can indeed perceive both ultrasounds and infrasounds. The eyesight of river dolphins is very poor compared to the one of their distant marine cousins. Some of them are considered blind, therefore the tool they mostly use to orient themselves and to hunt in the turbid waters of rivers is biosonar.

Thanks to echolocation they can have a “sound sight” of the environment around them by producing sounds and interpreting returning echoes.

China has sacrificed environment for economic growth…but certainly it is not the only one! The Baiji is just one of the many living beings sacrificed by man for progress.

Baiji vegan shoes wants to remind every day that progress may exist, as long as it is conscious and respectful towards the world that surrounds us and that is part of us.

We can go on without devastating, upsetting and plundering everything.

We are all made with the same matter and we all deserve the same respect, the same rights, the same care, the same love.

Nature is part of us as we are part of it, we should take care of the world, not destroy it.

Baiji vegan shoes, wear life!